Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological Systems

In its role as a key supplier to the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, Monitor Systems Engineering supplies, installs, commissions and provides ongoing support for a leading range of offshore environmental monitoring equipment.

Monitor Systems Engineering is an experienced provider of offshore, meteorological, wave, current and oceanographic data measurement services. Whether for heli-deck, weather / environment, operation area, CCTV, or subsea TV monitoring, its state of the art data collection and interpretation techniques enable clients to understand and utilise up to the minute real-time information to manage projects and activities in the most difficult and hostile conditions.

From single sensors to multi-parameter, multi-site networks, data acquisition and display systems integrate the best available measurement technology from meteorological and oceanographic instrument suppliers. The Monitor Systems Engineering PC based system provides clearly presented, accurate weather and ocean real-time and historic information on user-friendly displays improving the safety, efficiency and management of weather sensitive operations.


Case Study

Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological Systems (1)

Overview: CAP 437 revised regulations for offshore helicopter landing areas prompted extensive upgrading of meteorological and environmental measuring systems on offshore platforms and vessels.

Fugro's leading range of offshore environmental monitoring equipment is regarded as Transocean's fleet standard, and Monitor Systems long standing working relationship with the company, created a perfect fit for the supply and installation of a new heli-deck monitoring system for the John Shaw.

The Transocean John Shaw is an Enhanced Pacesetter, self propelled semi-submersible rig designed and outfitted to operate in harsh environments at depths up to 1,800 feet. The new heli-deck system supplied by Monitor Systems Engineering provides accurate real-time measurement and display of air pressure, deck heave, pitch and roll, visibility, wave height and cloud base.


Case Study

Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological Systems (2)

Overview: As part of a systems upgrade programme, Dolphin Drilling commissioned Monitor Systems Engineering to provide a new meteorological and heli-deck monitoring system for the Byford Dolphin, a semi-submersible, column stabilised drilling rig operating in the North Sea.

Automasjon’s meteorological, weather and sea condition systems are fully compliant with CAP 437 and stringent Norwegian HMS standards and are a Dolphin fleet standard. They have been fitted to numerous other Dolphin rigs in the area consequently providing consistency in upgrades, common spares and operator familiarity and training.

Monitor Systems Engineering supplied, installed and commissioned an Automasjon EMS system incorporating Vaisala cloud height and visibility sensors, wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors and wave height and period sensors combined with a compact data acquisition and display computer and monitor, data interface unit, gyro and GPS interface and software.

The new installation allowed the Byford to continue their helicopter operations within the latest CAA requirements.


Case Study

Heli-Deck Monitoring Meteorological Systems (2)

Overview: Working with Ship Motion Control (SMC), Monitor Systems Engineering installed and commissioned an SMC Helideck Monitoring System on board the Maersk Curlew FPSO.

The SMC Helideck Monitoring System is the Maersk fleet standard. It is a PC based helicopter take off and landing system that interfaces motion sensors, weather instruments, GPS and gyro compass signals to provide real time monitoring of helideck motions, weather environment and vessel position to the bridge, heli-ports and land based operators. The system meets all prevailing recommendations and guidelines in the UK CAA CAP437 and the Norwegian CAA BSL D 5-1

On the Curlew, Monitor Systems Engineering planned and carried out the all the onboard cabling, sensor, instrument and mast installation, inter-connecting, testing and final commissioning of the system.

Monitor Systems Engineering involvement, knowledge and experience in the environmental monitoring and heli-deck instrumentation field stretches back to 1999 and, during this period, our engineering team have been involved in supplying, installing and commissioning systems across the world.




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